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Election 2016: Donald Trump Selects His Own Hair as His VP Running Mate

Republican Challenger for the White House 2016: Donald Trump

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In a bold move this week, it was announced by Donald Trump via social media, that his Hair (now officially spelled as such, with a more formal capital letter “H”) will become his running mate, slated as Vice Presidential hopeful on his ticket, should he become elected. When asked by members of the press how exactly he came to this noteworthy decision, Trump mentioned, “We need someone with experience to rebuild America. Who else can a guy like me trust?” Which was followed up quickly by the comment, “Way less than 140 characters. You should all be Tweeting that.”

For many generations of politicians and celebrities running for president, the choice of selecting a running mate falls almost exclusively under the strategy column that those inside the Beltway refer to as “balancing the ticket.” Sure, the VP selection on the ticket almost always hails from the same party as the Presidential candidate, but perhaps more importantly, they may be chosen to bring a greater appeal to the campaign by virtue of their home state, voting record, popular appeal, or some other outstanding quality. With Trump’s Hair selection, it seems the candidate has simultaneously covered all of these options, and bucked the trend, too. Read More

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