ROPE a novel by Matty Byloos

ROPE a novel by Matty Byloos

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The Motorcycle Gang Is Here...

In this lurid novel-in-stories, The Motorcycle Gang, a mythic and silent anti-hero whose very presence foretells the coming of the end of the world, descends upon the land. Cast against a dystopian backdrop and set in the near-distant future, the country has devolved into two capital cities: Las Vegas and Detroit. When everyone learns of the end of times, society comes unhinged and anarchy rules the day. But The Motorcycle Gang has a secret that no one else knows…

What They're Saying About ROPE

“Rope is totally fascinating. Matty Byloos’s precise, crookedly nailed sentences seem to be chiseling the story at large as you read, their signage as fresh and mysterious as the broken branches and footprints of a forest’s newly lost visitor. And yet everything is so, so clear. Really beautiful.”

- Dennis Cooper, author of The Marbled Swarm and God Jr.

“Matty Byloos’s Rope presents an America of the near future that is literally polarized between two inland cities with seemingly irreconcilable values. The time is ripe for a Messiah. Told as a parable, this improbable vision becomes increasingly plausible. Simple and vivid, Rope is a scary and disarming book.”

- Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick, Summer of Hate and Torpor


1st Printing: Small Doggies Press 2014.

ISBN: 978-0-9848744-6-0

Small Doggies Press Trade Paperback Edition, May 2014. 256 pages.